Well, not really.  I just joined twitter and apparently I had to follow five people.  My choices were limited, and yes, Kimmy K was one of them.  I had no choice. Click.

I think Justin was one, he popped up too, Click, but I don’t mind following him, I heard he is getting into all kinds of problems.  Who doesn’t love a good train wreck.  Oh how the mighty can crumble.  He wasnt even on the VH1 awards this year.  Poor kid.

So any ‘ol way, Follow me on  twitter 

Wonder If I could put that here?  I’m sure I’ll hear about it if i cant.  Its not like it’s SPAM, I think i have one or two tweets.  Still not sure what I am supposed to do with twitter.

I guess write some useful thoughts, kind of like I do here, with no one reading them.  Im sure Kim and Justin have better things to do with their time then read my tweets.  Im still waiting for a ‘follow’ back from them.  How rude if you ask me.   Isn’t thats how it works.  I follow you, you follow me but we never will read what each other says?

So If your bored, come on over and follow me.  I will follow back.  Not sure if I will read what you tweet, but it will increase your numbers.  Kind of like facebook…..4,500 friends.  Really?  I have 8.

So here is where I end, another useless thought.

Who knows, if Justin or Kim start to follow me back, I just might start tweeting.

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