How to make a ribbon and bow for your gift.

Finally, you found the perfect gift, but now what?  Yep, gift wrapping. Oh, that dreaded wrapping.  If you put some effort into the presentation, you can create a package that will be almost too cool to open.

Wrapping a gift with ribbon and bow is not as hard as it looks, but you have to admit, it does add some elegance to the gift and gives a finished look to the whole package.

To make a puffy bow, you’ll need about 2 yards of gift wrapping ribbon, plus enough ribbon to wrap around the length and the width of the package.

Here are things you will need to create your bow.

*     Your wrapped Gift

*    Ribbon

 *    Matching narrow ribbon or bow wire

So, you ready?  Let’s get started.

        1         Wrap the ribbon around the length of the gift, leaving about 6 inches of extra ribbon in the center of the top of the gift.

        2          Place your finger on the ribbon in the center of the top of the gift, and then wrap the ribbon around the width of the gift.

        3        Cut the ribbon so the ends are about equal, and then tie them together in a knot.

        4        Make a puffy bow by wrapping the ribbon around your hand, or a piece of cardboard that’s the width you want the finished bow to be, about six times.

        5         Remove the loops of ribbon from your hand or the cardboard, and cut the end of the ribbon from the spool.

        6         Fold the loops of ribbon in half. Cut the corners of the folded area at angle, being careful not to cut apart the loops, to make notches.

        7        Unfold the loops and tie a narrow piece of matching ribbon or bow wire around the center of the loops. Make sure the narrow ribbon or bow wire is snug, to hold the loops together.

        8        Fluff out the loops so that the bow looks full and even.

        9        Attach the bow to the top of the gift with double-stick tape, or a piece of regular tape folded in half.

        10        Cut off any excess ribbon, or trim the ends at an angle or cut v-shaped notches into the ends.

Oh, I almost forgot, you can also wrap a gift with curling ribbon, rather than making a separate bow. Leave the ends of the curling ribbon extra long as you’re wrapping the gift, and then pull the ends of the ribbon across the sharp edge of the scissors in a quick, sharp motion. This causes the ribbon to curl. You can also tie extra pieces of curling ribbon to the top of the package and curl them for a more fully curled ribbon bow.

Don’t forget your matching note card.

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